Last year, Kalki Subramaniam got a break in the art world quite by accident. Her first set of poems were published in January 2015. "The publishers were looking for illustrations for my poetry, and since we couldn't find anyone, I did them myself," she told HuffPost India. Spurred on, she debuted as an artist with an exhibition of her acrylic and water colour paintings at the Alliance de Francaise in Trivandrum. 

Art opened the doors to a fascinating world of colours, understanding living beings and nature and celebrating womenhood. Kalki's strokes are bold, vivid and speak volumes about her inner journeys. 

 “I don’t look at art as a profession; it is a medium to express my fear, anguish, desire and struggles of being a transgender,” she said to The Hindu newspaper in an interview. .

Her paintings reflect the gender fluidity she identifies with. Titled ‘Love beyond Gender’, ‘The Rainbow Queen’ and ‘Free Spirit’ epitomized by a horse, to name a few, her works of art reveals Kalki’s preference for a unisex approach to life rather than conform to a conventional male-female outlook as prescribed by societal norms, “I am someone who loves to celebrate life and not just get tied down to a mere mundane existence on earth” she told The News Minute.

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