One of Kalki Subramaniam's core stengths in her activism has been her expressive writing skills in Tamil and English. She has been a blogger since 2005. Voicing for the voiceless transgender community, she has accounted the transgender people's issues through her writings, visual images and video films. She has accounted her personal experiences as a transwoman through her blogs. She writes and manages several blogs. Featured here are the articles, thoughts, opinions and visuals from Kalki Subramaniam.



Project Kalki is a novel initiative of Kalki Subramaniam through which she empowers underprivileged transgender women by training them in community journalism and encouraging them to tell their stories through short YouTube videos. Read and watch short documentation video films made by transgender women trainees.


Kalki Subramaniam's video project for transgender women in India began with her own scholarship in video making. Now she's assisting other transgender women to shoot their own video as a way of breaking out of poverty and abuse.