Kalki Events

November 2018

Kalki has been invited to Germany by Prof. Claudia Reiche to speak and present her poetry, art and activism at Schwules Museum, Berlin on November 19th 2018.

Finissage HIJRA FANTASTIK with Kalki Subramaniam

October 2018

Artist and Activist Dr. Kalki Subramaniam’s Mohini is a series of acrylic paintings based on Hindu Mythology stories and characters. In this colorful series, Kalki brings Gods like Shiva and Krishna, Mohini, Brinhanilla, Shikandi and other deities, women, men and the gender swapping beings from the Mahabharatha. Ramayana, Bagavatha Purana and other epics through her own vibrant strokes. These paintings were exhibited at Art Houz, Coimbatore from 26th – 29th October 2018. Kalki also showcased her spontaneous realism paintings and prints in this exhibition.

Here are the media links:

Transgender painter gives life to queer mythological characters Times Of India


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